Why You Should Report a Minor Accident to Your Insurance Company

It happens frequently: after a car accident with no injuries and negligible damage, the involved drivers agree upon a settlement without involving their respective insurance companies and minus the official police report. Unfortunately, too many times this arrangement just does not end well.

According to the experts, the only way that you can be assured that you will get compensated for the damages is to file an insurance claim.

Take the following incident for a prime example of the above.

I was minding my own business as I drove down the quiet, rural street where my home is located. Suddenly, I felt the force of a crash as another vehicle collided into me from behind. I exited my car to view the damage. To my surprise, the other driver – the one who had caused the accident – was my good friend and neighbor.

“Sorry,” said John with a sheepish smile.

“Don’t worry about the damage, I’ll take care of it personally. Let’s not involve the police or the insurance companies. This way, there’s no risk of an insurance premium increase, as often occurs after making a claim.”

At the time, it didn’t occur to me that there would be any problem with this arrangement. After all, John and I were friends, neighbors that met on a regular basis.

“Sure,” I responded. “If that’s the way it works best for you, I’ll go along with it.”

Well, the story did not end on a happy note. I got the back fender fixed and sent my receipt to John, with no thought that there would be anything to worry about.

I was wrong.

It’s been 60 days since the accident, and I have yet to receive recompense from John who has no shortage of excuses and promises that the payment is coming…

The above scenario repeats itself time and time again after minor collisions.

Drivers, beware!

Even if the other driver is your friend, neighbor or a trusted acquaintance, there is never 100 percent assurance that you will see payment for the damages he or she caused.

In an instance where the liable driver does not honor his or her monetary commitment, time has elapsed and it may be too late to offer adequate substantiation in regard to damages and who is at fault

Besides, the liable driver may betray your trust and report the accident to his or her insurance carrier. He or she may go even further with the betrayal by twisting facts and actually lying about injury claims that never were present at the time of the accident. If this occurs, your insurance company may have to ship out a large payment. It may also initiate a lawsuit against you, as well as forcing you to pay the remainder of what the courts deem your obligation after your insurance company has reached the limits of your policy’s coverage. Lastly, you will be in for an unpleasant premium increase.

How Do You Choose The Best Auto Glass Repair Company?

The windscreen provides structural strength to the body of the car and helps keep passengers inside the car when an accident occurs. This is also what supports the performance and inflation of passenger side airbags. It therefore needs to be top quality and should be installed properly to serve its function. Specially formulated adhesives are used on the auto glass to meet safety standards. When you have a damaged glass, the next step is to find a reliable repair company that can repair it back to functionality.

Because the auto glass does so much more than just keeping you protected from the elements, you want to make sure that it is accorded the best services. There are so many repair companies offering the auto glass services, but only the best can deliver quality results with yours. You can find the best for the repairs by being attentive to factors that matter most.

Ask for certification. Your auto glass repair company ought to be certified by the auto glass replacement safety standard body relevant in your area. The organizations have developed standards that need to be met when doing the replacements and only certified company will give you that kind of reassurance for your industry requirements. Visit the company if you can and ensure that proper licensing is in place.

Check the technicians. The company may be certified, but remember that an individual technician will be responsible for the repair works. Ensure therefore that you get a technician who is also qualified and certified to get the kind of results you expect with the repair works. A good technician should take you through the repair process and help you make the right decisions with the glass and adhesive to use.

Ask the company about safe drive away time. This is the length of time you will need to allow for the adhesive to cure to safe levels before you are allowed to drive the car again. Usually the type of adhesive used will determine how long the car will need to be out of service. Some adhesives will take only an hour to cure to safe levels, whereas for others it may be three hours or more. Incline more in getting quality repair works done but also ensure that you can also do with the off-time.

Consider OEM glass for the replacement. OEM parts are originals from manufacturers and they are always superior in quality. Find out whether the auto glass repair company uses the original products or aftermarket ones so you can make an informed decision. It is always a much better choice to use OEM glass that matches your vehicle perfectly.

Ask about insurance claim acceptance. Most repair shops will accept billing the replacement costs to your insurance company when you are thinking of filing a claim. Take care of the deductible and enjoy the repairs works affordably.

Think about warranty. A reliable repair company for your auto glass should be able to provide you with a written warranty and even a record for the completed work. It goes to show confidence in services offered as far as quality goes.